Let me touch you with my artistic abilities and leave you with a permanency that you will love and cherish for the rest of your life.

Selene Enoki Soju is a Professional Award Winning and Traveling Tattoo Artist that travels the country, city to city attending Tattoo Conventions, Shows, Expos, and Art shows nationwide.


She provides her clients with a wide range of tattoos, from small, medium and large scale custom pieces of art. She will also provide guidance in the best suggested pre-care and aftercare practices for a better healing experience with your new tattoo. These practices are heavily influenced from her Professional Skin Care and Esthetics Education as well as her prior endeavors in the skin care industry.


Selene Enoki Soju aims to provide the client with the best of the best products, while delivering unsurpassed levels of sanitation through the entire procedure as well as some education for any questions and upcoming tattoo projects that the client may desire.

Selene Enoki Soju enjoys various styles of tattooing such as "Trash Polka", Black and Gray, Fusion (Mix of Gray Shade with Less than 50% Color Mix), Realism, and Custom Lettering.

She also enjoys helping people to restore, fix, and/or completely redo old tattoos or bad tattoo decisions into something better and more beautiful. If you don't want it to be fixed or restored she also enjoys doing cover ups and creating something new for you as well.

We'd like to thank you for your interest in the art and your visit to our site.

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